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October 8, 2012
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Mister Clacky's FoE Homecoming Squick-test!

Hello valued readers!

In celebration of the completion of the first arc of Fallout: Equestria – Homecoming, I am announcing a contest!

This is a simple writing prompt contest. The winner will be selected by a panel consisting of me and my editors.

The prompt is simple (spoilers if you have not yet read Homecoming):

Write a short story about an original character living in Stable 48 during the events that lead to the escape of our survivors. Gratuitous body horror is encouraged. You can write in 1st or 3rd person, and have carte blanche to take your story wherever it leads you.

The only strict rule is that the story cannot directly interfere with or contradict the story as written. While the use of original characters is encouraged, I'll allow cast involvement so long as it could have believably happened while the characters were "off-screen."

To reiterate:

A story COULD be written about what happened in the Orchard while the cast was locked out.

A story COULD NOT be written where an OC saves a character who dies and goes off on a tangent adventure.

The goal is to write a story that could be canonical.

So, what is the reward you ask? What do you get for writing the best death you can in the confines of Stable 48? Simple. I kill you. Or, more specifically, the winner will have an original character of their design be incorporated (and most likely brutally killed) in Homecoming's second arc.

The contest will conclude, and judging will commence on Halloween (Oct. 31). {Tentative date, if there is interest and more time is needed, I will extend}

Questions? Concerns? Reply here and I will answer them with much haste.
Rules for FoE: Homecoming's First Writing Contest.
Guess it would help if I let you know how to get it too me.

You can sent me a note through DeviantArt linking me to the entry or you can respond in the comments on any of the contest rules pages (DeviantArt, FIMfiction, or Google Docs).

Basically, anyway you make me aware works, I'll compile all the entries and make them available.
I should probably link Homecoming here, for research purposes.

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